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We Were Graced With Two Great Speakers Today

 Rotary District 7930 Governor Bob Wood   

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan

It was a cloudy and a bit chilly day. We were 17 Lexington Rotarians, four visiting Rotarians, our District Governor Bob Wood, ADG James Major, DG Elect Joan Arsenault and chief PP Paul T, four guests, Middlesex DA Marian T. Ryan, Lexington Police Chief Mark Corr, Shaun MacMaster and Mary Evans from the DA’s office. We enjoyed delicious steak, fish, veggies and fresh berries.
PP Jim S led us in the pledge, we sang one verse of America led by PP Jim F and the invocation was given by PDG and PP Jack.
Happy dollars were given by PP Spencer, PDG Jack, Cleve, PP Jim F, Ugur and others for vacations, Rotoplast campaign success, kids sport activities. The only fine was paid by my table with PP Jim F, Charlie V and PP Dan O, for not having a guest.
Raffle gifts were donated by:
  • Eagle Bank
  • People’s United Bank
  • Walpole Cooperative Bank
  • Arlex Oil
President Michelle and our club officials shared the following:
  • Rotaplast fund raising has been a success, total raised will provide for 10 operations. Thanks to all the contributed. Good luck PP Don M on your mission.
  • Seniors BBQ is coming up; Tuesday, Sept. 25th, Countryside Village, Wednesday, Sept. 26th, Vynebrook Village and Thursday, Sept. 27th, Greeley Village.
  • Visitors Day will be on October 22. Bring guests. Flyers and posters are available, contact PP Jim Shaw.
  • Octoberfest is cancelled due to calendar conflict.
We had two guest speakers today. District Governor Bob Wood has shared the following exciting news:
  • A new district initiative: Unsung Heroes Awards will be honoring those who make a difference but not usually recognized even expect to be recognized. Nominations will be closed on October 1 and the Paul Harris medallions will be presented on November 8.
  • Rotoplast team will leave on September 27.
  • Polar Plunge could be supported by by being a virtual plunger and raising funds, funds will go to End Polio campaign.
  • Diversity Initiative: Age, ethnicity and sexual identification
  • World Peace and Understanding Dinner : Feb 28.
  • New Members Orientation: On October 23. Last years’ was great. This years will be even better.
Our second speaker Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan has increased our awareness on the opioid epidemic.
  • Epidemic started six years ago. When ODs started to increase from 40 to over 200 annually in five years. This is a significant figure considering the 1.6 million population of the county. There are deaths in every city including Lexington in the county expect two.
  • District’s approach was to gather information about the epidemic to understand and decide actions.
    • Opioid abuse is a family issue.
    • Many babies delivered are exposed to substances.
    • 18 % of OD’s are women
    • There is a clear link between addiction and genetics.
    • Children of OD parents are at greater risk, likely to be users due to genetics and normalization of substance abuse.
    • Average age of OD is 36.
    • OD’s mostly occur at home when someone else was also home.
    • OD’s are more likely when;
      • there is an important life change, loosing kids custody, loosing job, loosing someone close.
      • Within 96 hours of release from jail, hospital, rehab, as being ‘clean’ for a while increase the effect of opioids when used again.
      • Having an unrelated medical issue a few days before, as it might indicate failure of organs due to substance abuse.
      • Heavy snoring sounds are heard, this is the sound of distressed breathing and the beginning of an OD.
  • The following programs have been developed:
    • Psychologic and logistic support for the kids of OD victims.
    • What worked: Collection and spreading of successful recovery stories.
    • Troubled kids: Kids who steal or commit crimes to obtain substances are given a choice: If they complete a 16 week outpatient rehab program, they won’t be prosecuted and won’t get a criminal record.
    • Narcan is provided where it is needed most, like funeral homes.
    • Ambulance data is used to produce statistics faster.
    • Family members are educated to watch for the signals and help potential victims.
    • OD`s come in surges, during longer holidays, certain days of the week. Public announcements in classic and social media are made during those times to increase awareness of family member who could notice and help.
  • These efforts started to show result: OD’s has decreased by 11.5% in 2017. 21% in more troubled areas.
50/50 worth $60 was won by PDG Jack M.
Submitted by Ugur Ergun.