Posted by Don Sherman on Nov 05, 2018


PP John O Demands Short Meeting, Pres. Michelle Obliges.

President Michelle opened the meeting of November 5th on a cold overcast and rainy day. Winter will arrive soon!
We had 16 Rotarians and three guests- two at my table. I should have proposed a fine on tables without guests. James, originally from England, and a former Rotarian, has been in the USA for 20 years, but kept his British accent! A bit later, Rotary applicant, Veronica Caira, from Enterprise Bank, arrived. No fine for being late until she is a member! This is her 10 day notice pre- membership visit to the club. Veronica is originally from Italy. Looks like her membership makes us more of an International club.
Don Martini remarked that while he enjoyed his participation with the USA-Philippians cleft palate team, he never wants to see an autoclave sterilizer again! Dan O still offered him a job in his dental; office as a sterilizer operator, but Dan showed no enthusiasm for such a prized position.
Dan Busa went with his family on a trip to France & Ireland to explore family history- An uncle buried in the USA cemetery at Normandy, and to Ireland for family members on his mother’s side. He said it was quite memorable, for all members of his family.
Secretary Frank carefully set up who introduced both guests at my table, but in a conspiracy Dan O & I managed to get Frank fined for not properly indicating who introduces who. Dan introduced both Veronica Caira and, eventually, my wife Barbara.
The Cash Raffle drawing will be on Friday November 16th at the Lexington Golf Club at 6:30 PM. We could use more raffle items. Please turn in your ticket sales money ASAP to PP John O or Treasurer Dan B or the tickets are not valid for a prize!
Monday November 12, no meeting.
Rise Against Hunger Pack-Out Sunday, November 18, Minuteman High School 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM.
Monday November 19th, 12:00 PM, at the Golf Club is our annual joint meeting with Burlington.
PP Don S