Posted by Spencer Betts on Oct 21, 2019

One of Our Newest Members Yanira Burgos Tells Her Story.

On a perfect fall day, 16 Rotarians and 1 visiting Rotary (can anyone guess which retired Fire Chief) at the Lexington Golf Club with President Dan presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Jim F, one verse of America was led by President Dan, PDG Jack did the invocation. The food was a mixture of a steak, chicken, fish with mac and cheese and veggies for the side.    
        There were lots of happy dollars:
  • PP Domenic paid $100 for his daughter’s wedding over the weekend. It went great and they had perfect weather, congratulation to the father of the bride and the rest of the Sicari family.
  • Yanira gave a few happy dollars for her first ‘new’ car. More on her in a little while
  • Veronica paid some happy dollars for a trip to Italy to see family.
  • PP Murry paid some happy dollars for being on time… for once…
  • PP Spencer (me) paid some happy dollars for acquiring a new business that has cases of travel coffee mugs that will be given away as raffle gifts for the for seeable future.  
There was only one fines.
  • PP Don S took PP Murry’s traditional role of being late and paid a fine.
The announcements (Lots and Lots of upcoming events):
  • Next Monday, October 28th, we will be hosting Friends Forever
    • Breakfast with the kids at 9:30 am at Minuteman Tech
    • Lunch at our club
    • Dinner at Don Martini’s house around 6 pm
  • November 2nd 7:30 am Veteran’s breakfast, if you can make please let PP Michelle know
  • November 7th there is a District dinner in Andover
  • November 11th 10:30 am veteran’s cake and the Bedford VA
  • November 15th cash raffle. Get your tickets sold ASAP if you need more tickets email Cleve
  • November 17th Raise against hunger at the Lexington Depot building. The event is from 1 to 3 but we need some help setting up for the event at 11am.
  • December 6-8th Sand for Seniors bucket drop off. More details to come
  • February 29th, 2020 Polar Plunge
Our speaker was our own Yanira Burgos. She is a first generation American with her parents both from El Salvador. She was born and raised in Malden. She is the oldest of 6 and had lots of cousins around her growing up. She has worked at Youville House most of her life. Starting out as a waitress in high school and continuing to work there while she went to college at Suffolk. She loves spending time with the residence of Youville and listening to them share their experiences. Yanira recently got married and is trying to spend some more time reading. Thanks for sharing….
Raffle donation were provided by PP Spencer, Yanira & Rotary district governor.   
PP Murry won the 50/50 for $50 and he donated to the club, gold star Murry!