Posted by Domenic Sicari on Oct 01, 2018



Minuteman HS Project One Year Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget!

Click above to watch video.
On a cloudy, brisk Fall day,15 Rotarians met at the Minuteman High School with P Michelle G.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Lori  M, Verse of America was led by PP Jim F. , PP Domenic S. cited the invocation.The food was fantastic as usual, prepared and served by the culinary students.
Our President Michelle G. led the meeting to order and welcomed everyone attending.
Fines and Happy Dollars
  • Ugur gave Happy Dollars for a successful Senior BBQ.
  • SAA  Allan A. gave Happy Dollars for a good week.
  • PP Dan B. gave Happy Dollars for two happy occasions. The first was the First Anniversary of his son Andrew and daughter-in-law Marybeth.
  • The second was the good news that his daughter-in-law Marybeth passed her nursing boards and is now a certified RN.
  •  PP Lori  M. gave Happy Dollars for 60 mile walk for cancer. (Great 
  •  work Lori !!!)
  • P Michelle G.  gave Happy Dollars for a successful Senior BBQ.
  • There is no meeting on October 8th. Regular meetings will resume on October 15th.
  • On Monday October 22nd. The club will be hosting, during our regular meeting time and location,”Visitors Day.” All Rotarians are encouraged to attend and ask a guest to attend as well.
  • The Friends Forever event is scheduled on October 29th at our regular meeting. PP Don M. will host the Friends Forever group at his home on October October 29th.
  • The Veteran’s Breakfast is scheduled on November 3rd from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, at the St. Brigid Church Hall.
  • The Annual Cash Raffle event to benefit the Rotary Scholarship and Community Projects Fund is scheduled on November 16th starting from 6:30 PM  to 9:30 PM at The Lexington Golf Club. ( Sell your tickets or buy them for yourself !! )
  • The Rise Against Hunger  Pack-Out event is scheduled on November 18th  from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, at the Minuteman High School.
  • The annual Lexington / Burlington meeting is scheduled on November 19th at our usual meeting time at the The Lexington Golf Club.
Donations were from Busa Wine and Spirits, Walpole Co-Operative Bank, PP John O’Donnell, and Arlex Oil.
Our host speaker was Edward A. Bouquillon, Ph.D. Superintendent-Director of the Minuteman High School.
At our meeting he announced very good news on the construction progress of the new school being built. It is scheduled to open one year earlier than anticipated on, September of 2019. Also he mentioned the construction is under the original budget allocated.
The existing building will be demolished and will be rebuilt with new athletic areas including possible other facilities which will serve both the private and public sector TBD. At the end of the meeting great news from Washington DC was announced, The Minuteman High School was named a National Blue Ribbon Award for outstanding school achievements. A video presentation was shown showing the construction process.
The 50/50 was won by PSA Charlie V.  $30.00
President Michelle rang the bell and our meeting was ended.
Respectfully submitted,
PP Domenic S.