Posted by Bill Cassell on Jul 22, 2019

President Dan Gives Testimony on His History.

Weather:  Warm, a bit humid, slightly cloudy.
Lunch:  Worth the drive!  Roasted chicken, shrimp, sliders, rice, lettuce and fruit salads, and a collection of yummy dessert treats!  Plus cold soda or water!
Opening Exercises:  Allan A. commanded “I pledge…” with crisp authority, while Charlie V. crooned an on-key start to “My country tis of thee.”  PP Don S. brought meaning to bowed heads with a terrific Rotary invocation that called us all to serve others.
Attendance:  Attentive and alert!  15 Lexington Rotarians and NO GUESTS.  While there was a moment of indecision, the club voted to continue to “fine for no guest at your table” tradition.  Charlie paid Tricia E.’s fine, as she is a new member.  Welcome, Tricia!
Welcome Song:  No guests = no song.  Sorry!
Delighted Dollars and Funny Fines:  PP Michelle paid for a terrific vacation, while Meagan Murphy kicked in for her trip to that grand old sod, Ireland.  PP Don M. recalled days of yore in our club’s past:  The occasionally over-occupancy Sheraton dining room at lunch (100 plus members), the “pool table” (as in swimming pool), and what was going on in the pool during lunch.  PP Bill C. thanked PP Don M. for mentioning these old times and the Lexington Minuteman, where Bill once worked.
  • Rotary Cookout at PP Frank S.’s home on Thursday, July 25, starting at 6:00 pm and going until midnight.  Games, BBQ, pool, hot tub, lots of food and drink, and stellar fellowship.  30 plus Rotarians, family members and friends are expected.  All are welcome.  Frank guarantees the current weather forecast: “Plenty of sunshine, low humidity, clear skies, and temperatures in the 70’s.”
  • Lowell Spinners Game on Friday, August 9, starting at 7:05 pm.  Organizer President Dan suggests that you get there early because of traffic.  $5 to park.
  • Rotary District Governor’s Visit on Monday, August 19, at 12:15.  “Let’s have a great turnout!”
Today’s Speaker was President Dan Olsen:  Before beginning his “background chat,” President Dan shared that Simmons College had thanked the Club for its generous donation that was made to the college during PP Michelle’s tenure.  PP Dan was born on Long Island 76 years ago.  He met his wife in his junior year of high school and subsequently graduated from Rutgers in biological science.  He earned his DDS at the University of Buffalo in 1969 and was asked to join the faculty.  Dan taught there for four years, through the anti-Vietnam war unrest, and in 1973 decided to go into private practice.  Serendipity struck, when Dan bought the dental practice of a past president of the Lexington Rotary Club, who took Dan to a meeting, where he met Murray A.  (Side Note:  PP Don S. and PDG Jack M. have been in the club for 50 years.)  Dan remarked that the biggest challenge was learning all the members’ names and ended by congratulating the Club its growth during PP Michelle’s year (8 new members!).  And he’s looking forward to another great year!
Raffle Gifts:  Thank you, ARLEX Oil Corp., Patriot Community Bank, Walpole Cooperative Bank, Eagle Bank, the Rotary Club of Lexington, and Trica Elkins/aloft/element Hotels.
50/50 Raffle:  PP Michelle. won!  $35!
Respectfully Submitted by PP Bill C.