Posted by Mur Awrach on Dec 03, 2018



Tommy Vee Hypnotises Rotary

We had a beautiful mild sunny day with temperatures in the 50’s and weather atmosphere that felt more like spring rather than late fall, as 20 Lexington Rotarians and 4 guests met at the Lexington Golf Club. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Dan O., the Verse of America was led by PP Jim F., and the Invocation was given by PP Nick C.
Fines and Happy Dollars were given by the following:
  • PP Frank S., who chaired Sand for Seniors - $56 for the 56 buckets of Ice Melt that were
  • PP Spencer B. - Happy dollars for doing Sand for Seniors and collecting and donating Toys for Tots, and for his kids participating in all the above with him.
  • PP Jim F. – in appreciation and as a thank you for the Toys for Tots deliveries to Brookhaven.
  • Newest Lexington Rotarian Veronica Caira, (from now on “Veronica C.”) in honor of attending her first meeting as an official member of the Rotary Club of Lexington - Yay Veronica!
  • A fine proposed by PP Murry A. on PP Spencer B., for misspelling my name “MURRY” in last week's bulletin. :)
Raffle Gifts:
  • Raffle gifts were donated by the following: Bob C., Busa Wine and Spirits, Eagle Bank, new member Veronica C. of Enterprise Bank, and Walpole Cooperative Bank.
  • PP Dan B. informed the Club that PP Bob S. had recently taken a bad fall at home and suffered head surface traumatic injury, received emergency room treatment, and is now in the process of healing and recovery, and hopefully will be ok,
  • Amazon – SOA Allan A. suggested using the Rotary app or Amazon app, in order that the Club can get some financial reimbursement for each purchase any member makes; PP Dan B. explained how to link in and said to please contact him or SOA Allan A., if anyone needs help.
  • December 17 is the Holiday Luncheon date. Sign up by replying to the invitation that was sent out and include how many guests you are bringing. PP Domenic S. and PP Lori M. are co-chairs – speak to either for further information.
  • Toys for Tots – President Michelle said all Toys for Tots must be dropped off at Brookhaven by December 6th.
  • Joint Meeting with the Lions Club of Lexington on Tuesday, January 15, 6:30 to 8:30 PM, at the Knights of Columbus Heritage Hall. 177 Bedford St.
Our guest speaker today was Tommy Vee, who is head of Valley Hypnosis in Methuen. Tommy has been doing hypnosis for several years. He is both a clinical and a stage hypnotist. Tommy majored in hotel management in college, but changed to clinical hypnosis with the influence of his dad, a well-known and successful hypnotist himself, and then went on to stage hypnosis in addition to clinical. As an entertainer, he has traveled on many cruises as an entertainer of hypnosis, and has appeared at many USA entertainment sites as well over the years. On stage, Tommy does hypnosis just for fun and entertainment with the audience and volunteer subjects. He talked about several myths of hypnosis, including that you cannot be hypnotized if you do not want to be, and that once hypnotized, you will not do something suggested if you do not want to do it. Although most of Tommy's work is in clinical hypnosis, he said, as an entertainment hypnotist, that is where the real money is! There are two levels of hypnosis, according to Tommy. Level 2 hypnosis is “awake hypnosis.” He had us as subjects, and demonstrated awake hypnosis on us. For many of us, this really worked! Charlie V. popped in and said per past experience, “yup!” Hypnosis is the subject of consciousness versus subconsciousness. It is sometimes the sub conscience which is tapped and allows a person to note certain occurrences in their life of which they may not have been consciously aware. This may provide an answer the patient or examiner is seeking. Another part of Tommy's clinical practice involves smoking cessation and alcohol imbibement cessation. These are just two classes of problems that can be helped via hypnosis, and there are others as well. Tommy stressed that anyone who comes to him for help via hypnosis must want to solve the problem (ex: wanting to quit smoking and/or drinking), and if they do not have that commitment, he will not accept them as patients; i.e., he cannot make them want to solve the problem – they must make that commitment within themselves before going on to hypnosis therapy. 
Thank you, Tommy, for giving us insight into this very important and interesting topic, including its therapeutic values as well as just having safe fun on the entertainment side.
Today's 50/50 raffle winner, of 45 buckaroos! was PP Spencer B. – who else!!?? Good going,
Respectfully submitted,
PP Murry A