Posted by Jim Tarpey on Nov 13, 2017

Rotary Club of Lexington Recognized by VA Hospital

On a cold and rainy Monday afternoon, 21 Rotarians, 1 visiting Rotarians, and 1 guest gathered for the weekly meeting.  The lunch consisted of chicken parmesan, fried raviolis, meatballs, spinach, soup, assorted fruit, and cookies.
President Lori rang the bell at 12:30 to get things started. 
  • The pledge was led by PP Dan O
  • 1st verse of America by Charlie V
  • Invocation by PDG Jack M
Raffle Items were donated by:
  • Arlex Oil
  • Patriot Community Bank
  • Walpole Cooperative Bank
  • Lexington Rotary
Fines & Happy dollars:
  • PDG Jack M donated happy dollars for winning in the annual cash raffle.
  • Michelle gave happy dollars for another successful cash raffle and celebrating her birthday in November.
  • PP Dominic fined himself for missing the Veterans breakfast and gave happy dollars for having some time off.
  • PP Spencer gave happy dollars for his birthday month and for taking his family to the Celtics game over the weekend.
  • Ugur gave happy dollars because he is now teaching business classes at Boston College.
  • PP Don also gave happy dollars for winning a cash raffle prize.
  • PP Dan B gave happy dollars for selling two winning tickets to the cash raffle.
  • Charlie V gave happy dollars for selling a $5,000 winner. Winner was Bill Kennedy.
  • PP Nick gave happy dollars for also selling a $5000 winner (split between Joe Santamaria and Steve Messina) and his grandson won the super bowl over the weekend.
  • PP Don S fined himself for missing the Veterans breakfast.
  • Allan gave happy dollars for his birthday weekend.
Important Announcements:
  • Charlie V presented a certificate of appreciation from the VA Hospital thanking us for another successful Veterans Day breakfast. 
  • Sand 4 Seniors deliveries will be the weekend of December 2nd & 3rd
  • Holiday Party is scheduled for December 18th
  • President Lori reminded everyone to check website & app for upcoming meetings
    • Next meeting will be in Burlington this Friday 11/17 at the Hilton Garden Inn. 12:15 start time
    • No Meeting on 11/20
    • Regular Meeting on 11/27
    • Board Meeting & Regular Meeting on 12/4
Information Security for a Growing Business            
A visiting Chelmsford Rotarian named Dominic Breen came to speak about his IT company and shed some light on the different IT threats that can happen to a business.  Dominic pointed out all the negative impacts a data breach can have on a business. Some include the loss of customer confidence in the company, loss of data itself, increased cost to repair and restore all the data, legal fees, and damaged reputation.  He then went on to discuss how these potential threats can be addressed and prevented.  Some effective ways to avoid a breach include, encrypting emails, using off site backups, training employees properly, purchase an anti-virus, and set up a firewall to keep hackers out.  Overall, the presentation was very informing showing us the potential damages that a hacker can cause to a business. Domenic's company is Your IT Depatment, LLC, they are located in Chelmsford, he can be contacted at 
The meeting wrapped up at 1:30 and President Lori was the big 50-50 winner taking home $60  
Jim T