Posted by Bill Cassell on Aug 20, 2018

Weather:  Gorgeous!  (Why aren’t we outside?)


Lunch:  Overwhelming!  Nachos with salsa & cheese, Spinach Pie, Caesar Salad, Turkey burgers, Rice & Beans, French fries, Green beans, Lobster roles, Boiled shrimp, Tuna salad, Risotto & tomato salad, Fresh cut fruit, Baked sole, fried chicken, asparagus with cherry tomatoes, pasta with arugula, sandwich makings, mixed fruit, and Chocolate chip cookies. Wash it down with cold soda or water!  Enjoy the rest of the meeting with a nice cup of hot coffee!


Opening Exercises:  PP Lori led off with “I pledge…”, while PP Jim F. crooned a heart-felt “My” to “My country tis of thee.”  PP Don S. once again read a thoughtfully selected Rotary invocation that called us all to serve others.


Attendance:  Attentive and alert!  17 Lexington Rotarians, 1 visiting Rotarian (from the distant state of Washington), and zero honored guests.  Charlie V. made his rounds and collected at the tables who had not snared a guest.


Welcome Song:  No one but Charlie V. could lead us in this welcome refrain.


Dutiful Dollars and Foolish Fines:  Must have been a good week on Wall Street.  Lots of Happy Dollars.  After minor harassment of the writer of these notes, PP Dan B. fined PP Don S. for wearing a hat indoors.  “Don, the Rapper!”  PP John O. dropped some happy dollars for his first vacation in 5 years (a trip to the old sod…Ireland).  As an aside, he noted distress at being rebuffed at our full table, only to discover that PP Bob S. had been given a fifth seat there later.  (RHIP, John.)  In a kind gesture of the type for which he is known, PP Bob S. donated more happy dollars. 


(New paragraph…too many happy folks) PP Dan B. was happy that his daughter-in-law, Marybeth, received her nursing pin and is having a child.  Doing his impression of a post-fight Rocky, PP Nick C. suggested that anyone else asking about his nose be fined $1, thanks Meaghan.  (I heard that the other four guys look a lot worse.)  PP Frank S. announced that he practiced for the End of the Summer Social by hosting 150 people recently.  (That’s a serious dry run!)  PP Spencer B. chipped in for his son’s good time at baseball camp.  And PP Bill C. dropped a few bucks to promote PP Frank S.’s fantastic advice on treating recurrent canine “green-apple-quick-step.”  (being a family publication, I won’t use the “d” word here.)


Announcements:  Pres. Michelle read a thank you note from one of our scholarship recipients and noted that Committee Reports are due at this time. 

She also reminded members of a number of upcoming events:

  • August 30 – Rotary Social (6:00 – 8:00 PM) at PP Frank S.’s place, 4 Clematis Road

  • September 10 – District Governor’s Club visit

  • September 25, 26 and 27 – Senior Centers’ BBQ’s

  • October 13 – October-Fest at Depot Square

  • October 22 – Club Visitors Day (It was thought that having a speaker would be important at this meeting, so as to give visitors an idea of a typical Rotary meeting.)

  • PP Dan B. gave an update on the Rotaplast collection-to-date:  Over $6,000 plus the Club’s contribution of two surgeries.  (An operation cost $600, but any amount is fine.)


IMPORTANT AND URGENT:  If you would like to contribute to Rotaplast but haven’t yet, email PP Dan B. ASAP @  He needs to get our total contribution together very soon, and he will bill you, based on your emailed commitment.

PP Murry A. mentioned the passing of Dr. Daniel Palant, a pediatrician who was very active in community affairs, with a focus on kids’ welfare.

Our visiting Rotarian, Amy Schmidt, spoke briefly about her club in Poulsbo, Washington, a small community of some 10,000 people that has an active Rotary Club with 150 members.  (Learning that she is their membership chair, she was promptly asked to join our club.)

See Poulsbo in the fall.  (photo attached, I hope)

Raffle Gifts:  Thank you, ARLEX Oil, Patriot Community Bank, Eagle Bank, and Brookhaven.
50/50 Raffle:  Charlie V. won!  $40!
DING!  Pop Quiz:  Name the character who says, “Tha…tha…that’s all, folks!”
O  Bugs Bunny             O  Daffy Duck              O  Porky Pig                O  Yosemite Sam
Humbly Submitted by BC (who spent Saturday mornings watching Looney Tunes)
(And thanks to my hardworking copywriter, PP Dan B.)