Posted by Spencer Betts on Aug 06, 2018

Another Meeting Under the Belt.

On a hot summer day, 15 Rotarians meet at the Lexington Golf Club with President Michelle presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Jim S, one verse of America was led by PP Dan O, PP Don S did the invocation. The food was a mixture of a kielbasa, chicken, raviolis and veggies.   
Because there was no guest we did not sing the welcome song, everyone paid their $1 dollar fine happily…
  • PP Jim S paid a self-imposed fine of $5 for wearing shorts. He also gave $20 in memory of his father who passed away 11 years ago.
  • PP Dan O paid $10 for his vacation where he got an up-close visit from a black bear.
  • SAA Allan gave $6 for one of his student’s receiving her 6th degree black belt.
  • Bob C gave happy dollars for the Red Sox SWEEPING the Yankees. I think everyone was happy about that.
PP Frank Smith will be hosting an end of summer BBQ for all Rotarians and their families on August 30th at his home. Feel free to bring your swimsuits for the pool, and a big appetite! Frank will put out is badminton set and other games of summer for a fun evening for everyone. The party begins at 6:00PM. Check your email for the invitation.   
A few other announcements this week. The Rotary club, along with a few other clubs in town, are sponsoring Oktoberfest 2018 on October 13th at Depot square. More details to come. We will be hosting the senior BBQ’s again this year on September 25, 26 and 27. Signup sheets will be out shortly. Start thinking of guests to bring to this year’s visitors day! We will have Visitor’s Day on Monday, October 22nd, more details to come.
We did not have a speaker, but PP Don M did talk about his up coming trip to the Philippines to volunteer for the Rotoplast ( mission trip in September. The club announced it will sponsor 2 surgeries. PP Don will be packing as much items as he can possibly carry for the kids so if you would like to donate clothes or toys (for kids 10 and under) let him know. Along with the clubs 2 surgeries; Steve K and the three dentists (PP Murray, PP Don S & PP Dan O) both volunteered to sponsor a surgery. Surgeries are $600 each. If you are interested in sponsoring a surgery or part of a surgery let me know ( and I will match people up and see if we can get a few more surgeries sponsored. Thank you, PP Don M, for volunteering your time for this awesome mission.   
Raffle donations were provided by; Eagle Bank, Bob C, PP Bill C, Walpole Cooperative bank, and Busa wine and spirits.
P Michelle won the 50/50 for $40 (which will be put towards PP Don's mission for Rotoplast).