Posted by Cleve Coats on Aug 05, 2019

Quick Summer Meeting

On a warm 80 degree clear day Pres Dan called our meeting to order at 12:20 pm
Luncheon Fare:  delicious steak, mashed potatoes, fresh salad and cookies
Attendance:  18 Rotarians, no visitors so we all paid.
Raffle Gifts Donated by:
Arlex Oil, Walpole Coop, Eagle Bank, Executive Protection Programs, Rotary Club of Lexington.
Pledge lead by PP Dominic S   1st verse of America by PSA Charlie, Invocation by PP Don S.
Happy dollars:  
  • Steve Kirkland for hiring a new plumber. 
  • PP Domenic S for completion of a church project with the assistance of Steve Kirkland and also for his daughters wedding shower at Caffe Escadrille.
Fines: None
  • District Governor visit August 12th We are looking for full attendance!
  • Lowell Spinners game on for Friday August 9th.
Speaker:  None
Pres Dan O rings the bell meeting is adjourned.