Posted by Cleve Coats on Jun 24, 2019




Great End to a Great 2018-2019 Rotary Year. Thanks PP Michelle

On a warm 77 degree partly cloudy day, 24 Rotarians and 9 guests at the beautiful Lexington Golf Club President Michelle G. presided over her final meeting.
The Pledge of Allegiance led by PP Jim Shaw, Verse of America was led by PP Domenic Sicari, Invocation cited by PP Don Sherman, Welcome song was orchestrated by PSA Charlie Vail. A delicious lunch consisted of steak, fish, vegetables, salad and a beautiful cake.
Patriot Bank, Arlex Oil, Ray Ciccolo, Don Martini, Rotary club of Lexington.
President Michelle led the meeting and thanked everyone for their help during the past year. Outgoing Board members were honored by P Michelle and presented thoughtful gifts. Incoming Board members 2019-2020 were announced by incoming Pres. Dan O.
Outgoing Board 2018-2019
Incoming Board 2019-2020
Photos by PP Jim Shaw.
  • PP Dan B. gave Happy Dollars for PP John O. and 2nd VP Cleve C. being sharply dressed for the meeting.
  • PP Dan B. & PP Jim S. gave Happy dollars for P Michelle’s leadership this year.
  • SA Allan A. also gave for P Michelle’s leadership.
  • Ugur E. also gave for P Michelle’s leadership.
  • PP Bob Sacco scheduled for surgery on June 28th at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery
  • Trisha Elkins was sworn in and inducted into membership of Rotary club of Lexington making her the 7th member indicted in Pres. Michelle's year. Record setting achievement!
  • SA Allan received a Paul Harris Fellow award from Pres. Michelle for his dedication to our club all year long. Congrats Allan.
  • PP Dan Olsen sworn in as President of The Rotary club of Lexington with 6 members of his proud family in attendance 
  • P Michelle presented with flowers, a Rotary gavel plaque of recognition and her PP Badge by P Dan Olsen
  • President Dan Olsen gives a stirring address to the membership and guest
Pres. 2019-2020 Dan O. and First Lady Barbara.
SAA Allan receives a Paul Harris Fellow from Pres. Michelle.      
 New Members L-R Tricia Elkins, Yanira Burgos, Arianna Cardillo, Veronica Caira, James Ellis, Cleve Coats, with Pres. Michelle (missing Achantel Thornton)
 Our newest Member Tricia Elkins with Membership Chair Domenic Sicari and Pres. Michelle
50/50 RAFFLE WINNER: Ugur Ergun $ 95.00
President Dan Olsen, 2019-2020, rang the bell ending our last meeting of Presidential Year 2018-2019.
2nd VP Cleve C