Posted by Frank Smith on May 21, 2018

Hold the Presses!

Rotarians Demand More Rotarians at Social Night Meetings
Lexington Rotary Game Night: Where is everyone?
Lexington Rotarians. Not as social as I thought?????
Great food and fellowship @ Lexington Rotary Game Night.
Few Rotarians = Fewer games @ Lexington Rotary Game Night.
Get the idea?
At 6 PM on Monday night, 8 Rotarians and the delightful Toni Cunningham met at the Lexington Golf Club prepared for fun and games. We enjoyed the delightful buffet of appetizers prepared by Patty and all of us enjoyed a lively conversation until 7:30. While prepared for games, we lacked the critical mass to get that part of the evening off the ground. A lot of the discussion revolved around how to increase attendance at these social meetings. If games don’t grab you, what would entice you, friends and family to attend? We’d love to cultivate the social aspects of being a Rotarian and a member of this club. Please let the board know what you think of evening social meetings and what we can do to enhance these events and increase attendance.
PP Frank S