Posted by Ugur Ergun on Apr 18, 2019




Annual Joint Meeting with Concord Club a Great Success.

The weather was cool, cloudy and 49 degrees. Plenty of Rotarians from Lexington and Concord reunited again at the Concord’s Colonial Inn one more time. We’ve enjoyed Turkey drumsticks, breasts, veggies, salad and a fine apple cobbler.
Our Charlie Vail led us in the pledge, June Grace of Concord led “God Bless America” and The Rev. John Lombard of Concord led the prayer.
From us PDG Jack, President Michelle, PP Dan Busa and President Henry Dane, Kevin McDougal, June Grace and Sharon from Concord donated happy dollars for their trips and our re-union.
There were no fines, a surprise for Lexington Rotarians.
We were all proud to see our PP Don Martini to receive an award from Concord for his drone training at the “Boys and Girls Club”.
Jerry Shanahan from Concord explained SMGA, Salute Military Golf Association initiative which uses golf as a healing process for veterans. Jerry invited us to support and sponsor SMGA.
Our speakers were Lorain Marquis, the chairperson and Linda Dixon of Lexington Celebration Committee and Robert Norton of Concord Celebration Committee. They told us the background story of this year’s Patriot Day celebrations. Like a good novel, it was full of surprises and twists. Due to the fast changing weather conditions, The Youth Parade ceremonies was taken indoors just 45 minutes before its scheduled time and the main parade schedule changed to 1:15 PM at the very last moment and 75 marching units had to adjust. Everything went smoothly with a great effort by both committees.
In a jovial atmosphere president Henry closed the meeting at 1:20 PM. We look forward to hosting Concord next year.
Enjoy the photos.
Submitted by Ugur E