Posted by Steve Kirkland on Mar 05, 2018

Quick Business Meeting Today

On a cloudy Monday when the weather was neither lion nor lamb, the Lexington Rotary met for its weekly luncheon at the Lexington Golf Club.   In attendance were 18 Lexingtonian members and 1 guest (although the guest, Paul Thibault from the Burlington Rotary, comes so often to make up his missed meetings that he’s practically a Lexington member).   The lunch fare was pork tenderloins, burger sliders, rice, corn and coleslaw with the usual salad… fruit and cookies for dessert.
The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by VP Megan, the first verse of “America” led by Charlie V., and the invocation by P.P. Nick.  We honored the presence of Paul Thibault with the Welcome Song led by Charlie.  Raffle gifts were donated by Lexington Rotary, Walpole Cooperative, and Busa Wine and Spirits.  Winners were VP Megan, Ugur, Paul Thibault, and Dan Olsen.
Happy Dollars were given by Pres. Lori for last week’s meeting when lots of guests and prospective members were in attendance.  Spencer Betts gave because for the 28th year in a row he’d gone on a ski trip with his high school buddies (you do the math).  P. Paul gave because Dan Ray (Boston sports celebrity) will be the guest speaker at Burlington Rotary regular meeting.  Paul was also promoting his club’s fundraiser, Friday Night at the Fights, which will be Friday, April 6th.   PP Nick donated his last $3 because that’s what he had left.
Fines were assessed.  Dan Olsen fined our guest for coming to Lexington more often than he goes to his home Rotary.  PP John was fined for not addressing the Chair (nothing unusual).
Comedy Night will be Friday, May 11th at the Knights of Columbus.  $600/table.  Please contribute donations for the Silent Auction.
March Madness:  NCAA brackets are available for sign up.  $20/person.
PP Dan reminded us all that website sponsorships are still available.
PP Dominic announced that last week’s Visitor’s Meeting brought us 5 prospective members, including one corporate membership.
Future Meetings:
Monday 3/12/18 will be at the Gold Club
Monday 3/19/18 will be at Minutemen High School
Patriots’ Day is April 16th this year.
There was no speaker this week.  Shortest meeting ever, adjourned at 12:50p.m.