Sharon Gunda Lexington Human Services Outreach Coordinator and Director Melissa Interess Speak to Rotary

The weather was sunny and unseasonably warm, but no one was complaining.  The luncheon fare was once again catered due to Patty’s absence.  Meals from local venues have been good. This was from Neillio’s, I’m told: chicken parm, assorted sandwiches, couscous platter, salad and cookies.
The Pledge was led by Arianna.  One verse of America was led by Pres. Dan, and the Invocation by PP Don S.
Today’s attendance was 17 Rotarians, 1 visiting Rotarian, and 3 guests.  PP Murray introduced Paul Thibeault, a regular visitor from the Burlington Club.  One of the guests was  Caryl Dlugy, whose business is “In Shape for Women” and who is the incoming Chair of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce. The other two guests were our speakers who came from the Lexington Human Services Department, Melissa Intress and Sharon Gunda.
Happy Dollars were given by Steve because it was his 70th birthday that day.  He was sung to by the club. PP Bob S objected because he had his 80th birthday last week without any fanfare, so the club dutifully obliged and sang to him also.  Pres. Dan said this was the first time he ever remembered anyone being sung to.  Other Happy Dollars were given by PDG Jack (I didn’t hear for what), Pres. Dan for his trip to Florida, and PP Dan B for Bill Tighe doing well recovering from health problems.  
Visiting Rotarian Paul T. was fined for his club having a Comedy Night one month before our Comedy Night.  (They also scooped Tony V., but we still have him.)
The Speakers were the Director of Lexington Human Services Melissa Interess and her co-worker, Outreach Coordinator Sharon Gunda.  They reviewed the many services that Lexington residents have available to them, including senior services, youth and family services, veteran services and subsidized transportation services.  Senior services include such things as classes, case management and counseling.  Youth and family services include crisis intervention, support services, mental health referrals, and connection to resources for basic needs like fuel and food assistance.  Lexington Human Services can assist veterans with benefits and financial assistance through State and local resources.  Transportation services link those in need with senior taxis and alternative modes of transit.  We are truly fortunate to have a Town Department that provides so many services and resources to residents.  Their website has much more information, or call 781-698-4840.
Pres Dan Olsen and Sharon Gunda
Closing announcements:
  • Don’t forget PP Lori is Polar Plunging this weekend.  Donations are still welcome.  11 Interactors are joining her.  If interested in attending to cheer them, transportation is leaving the Golf Club Parking Lot at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.  
  • PP Dan reminds us that March Madness is coming up.  Be sure to fill out your brackets as soon as they are available. 
  • Comedy Night is coming.  Get your ads in for the booklet.  See PP Michelle for auction item donations.
The 50/50 was won by Yanira.  Winning number 810 in the amount of $50.
Respectfully submitted by 70-yr-old SCK.