Posted by Michelle Galbiati on Feb 05, 2018

Polar Plunge VIII Completed.

President Lori, PP Susan C and PP Domenic Made Us Proud!
The Rotary Club of Lexington met on Monday, February 5, 2018 at the Lexington Golf Club.
The luncheon buffet included eggplant parmesan, meatballs, pasta and salad. Delicious as usual, thank you Patty.
There were 16 Lexington Rotarians in attendance, and one visitor Stepan Chiloyan, Branch Manager at Peoples United Bank, 46 Bedford St. who is considering joining the club.  
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by PP Don Martini, one verse of America was led by PSA Charlie Vail, the invocation was delivered by PP Don Sherman, and the welcome song was led by PSA Charlie Vail.
Raffle gifts were provided by Walpole Cooperative Bank, Brookhaven, The Rotary Club of Lexington, and PP Bill Cassell.
Happy Dollars
  • P Lori gave happy dollars for winning the 50/50 the previous week and for surviving the Polar Plunge!
  • PP Dan gave happy dollars for his 8th year anniversary driving to the Polar Plunge, and not removing any of his clothing! (Happy dollars were offered for that.)
  • PP Domenic gave happy dollars for surviving the Polar Plunge as well!
  • PSA Charlie Vail gave happy dollars for attending the Polar Plunge for the first time!
  • PP Murray gave happy dollars for his trip to Paris!
  • PP Don Martini gave sad dollars for having the only dirty car in the lot!
  • PP Jim F gave happy dollars for his trip to Aruba!
Where are the Rotary aprons?  There are three suspects, PP Jim Shaw, PP Bill Cassell, and the Burlington Club!  Come forward if you know where they are.
The 50/50 winner was PE Michelle G in the amount of $50.00!  Yay me!