Posted by Frank Smith on Jan 08, 2018

Welcome Back as Holiday Season Concludes.

On January 7th, a relatively balmy day, 19 Rotarians and 1 guest gathered at the Lexington Golf Club for a delicious luncheon of salad, grilled shrimp, chicken, meatballs, tortellini with sun dried tomatoes, exquisitely prepared by Patty. Our guest was Deb White, a new associate at Lexington Alarm.  
The pledge of allegiance was led by Meghan M, one verse of America by Charlie V and the Invocation by PDG Jack M. The welcome song was also lead by Charlie V.
Money was flying out of members wallets during a very busy session of fines and happy dollars.
  • I fined PDG Jack M $20 for bring the Artic to Lexington. He gladly paid the $20 and then threw in another $30 because he couldn’t be happier!
  • PP Jim S had 10 idiot dollars for leaving the trunk of his car open during the snow storm.
  • PP Dan B and PP Dan O each had 20 happy dollars for recovering from falls that resulted in broken ribs (Dan B) and head injuries (Dan O). We are glad that you are both on the mend and hope that the settlements are enormous.
  • PP Nick C had happy dollars as he was only 1 day away from spending 3 months thawing out in FL.
  • PP Dominic had happy dollars for talking himself into doing the Polar Plunge again this year (strange what makes some people happy).
  • PP John O was fined by PP Dan B for wearing a jacket that was last in fashion during the days of Charles Dickens and is still occasionally worn by doormen at upper west side apartments in NYC. We are thinking it is a "Chesterfield".  
  • Last, but certainly not least, PP Don M had 100 happy dollars for selling Lexington Alarm to Wayne Alarm. Lexington Alarm will become a division of Wayne alarm as soon as Don hands over all the alarm codes he’ll be out the door. Congratulations Don and best of luck in your next endeavor.
President Lori had several announcements:
  • Holiday donations totaled $1246 and will be donated in person to the Hildebrand family self-help center at an upcoming meeting. Thank you all for your generosity.  
  • Three members of the club: President Lori, PP Susan C and PP Dominic S will be doing the polar plunge. Please go to their websites to donate.
  • We will be having a visitors’ meeting at the end of February to encourage people to join the club. Start thinking about someone to invite. There will ads in the Colonial Times and pamphlets created to help promote the event. The luncheon and public image brochures will be subsidized by District grants.
  • There is a new Public Image Committee, chaired by me, that as a first task will be creating brochures to encourage people to join the club.
  • We are updating all member photos for the website. If you didn’t get your picture taken at this week’s meeting, wear your best clothes to the next meeting so that PP Jim S can take your photo.
Upcoming events are as follows and are also available on the Rotary app and website.
  • January 15: No meeting. MLK day
  • January 22: Joint meeting with Lion’s Club at the Lexington Golf Club. Special presentations will be made and speakers from the town of Lexington will be on the program. Attendance is mandatory
  • February 26: Visitors’ luncheon. Attendance is mandatory
Raffle donations were made by Arlex Oil Corp., Busa Wine and Spirits, PP Jim S, PP Bill C and The Rotary Club of Lexington.
The 50:50 raffle was for $55 and was won by Charlie V.
PP Frank S